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Here in the blog of the European Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof in Thiersee in Tyrol, YOU will find exciting and informative articles about the Ayurvedic way of life. Learn more about Ayurvedic holism, discover delicious recipes from Ayurvedic cuisine and read about our Yoga Insights.

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Empowerment Mentoring with Lisa

Do you know the feeling of having lost yourself? You no longer feel yourself properly. You feel numb and like you're wrapped in cotton wool. With the

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Nutrition & Recipes

Snacks and sweets in Ayurveda

How many meals a day do you usually eat? Do you have enough with three main meals or do you need mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks or just a snack?

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Yoga & Meditation

Smoking during the nights of incense

"Rau(h)nächte" (the twelf nights between christmas eve and epiphany) and the smoking of houses and stables are an old custom that was known and practised in many places, but is nowadays visibly falling into oblivion.

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European Ayurveda® is a suitable and spiritual tool for this. It brings you back on track and helps you to recognise who you are. For me, European Ayurveda® is an attitude towards life that helps us to lead a sustainable life - for ourselves and our children, always in harmony with nature.

I am convinced that we are allowed to go new ways to make life here on earth more sustainable. I am also in favour of us taking sustainable paths in tourism and being more committed to ourselves as human beings and to nature. However, we can learn to value our "I" and to take care of ourselves independently.

And this is exactly why European Ayurveda® is the key to a healthy and happy life.

Whether here in the Resort or "online": The knowledge of "Long Life" will accompany and guide you in the long run, so that you can live your true being and your potential.

Lots of love

Yours, Elisabeth Mauracher

Pioneer & Visionary of European Ayurveda, Expert for European Ayurveda & Mindful Empowerment, Female Business Coach & Founder of Glory Female Life

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